Coding Machine

The PZ Pilot hi-resolution ink jet printer

Industrial Ink-Jet Printer

Lets You Have It Your Way

PZ Pilot Plus printing system is a perfect fit for manufacturers and contract packagers who are looking to print high-quality bar codes, clean and clear logos and razor-sharp text by automatic Batch Coding Machine. Users select between systems designed to print on porous or non-porous surfaces, providing the ultimate level of flexibility and versatility that customers have come to expect from Squid Ink.

Printing That Is Simple and Versatile

Squid Ink’s innovative PZ Pilot Plus offers a simple alternative for your case coding and product marking applications. PZ Pilot Plus is capable of printing up to 8 lines of print, for a total print height of up to 1.4″, on virtually any porous or non-porous substrate. PZ Pilot Plus requires minimal setup and is available with a portable, easily adjustable stand, or with mounting brackets that allow you to easily bolt it right to a conveyor. Best of all, the handheld input device and software is designed for people who run packaging lines, not computers, making everyone involved a smooth operator

Help Your Product Look Its Best

Using industry proven shared-wall technology, the PZ Pilot Plus offers better print quality than competitive high-resolution printing systems. With 256 addressable jets, PZ Pilot Plus boasts 180 dpi print resolution. The result is a system that produces razor-sharp text, scannable bar codes, and the cleanest logos and graphics on the market today.

Your Low Maintenance Alternative

If maintenance issues are consistently slowing down your production line and are costing you critical time and money, the PZ Pilot Plus is the flexible and reliable alternative you’ve been looking for. PZ Pilot Plus is a fully modular system that allows users to make a fix in less than five minutes, therefore eliminating the need for costly service calls or complete system repair. For most applications, daily maintenance is reduced to a one-time, 30-second printhead purge that is quick and easy to do.

Industrial-Strength Operation

Tired of inconsistent print on your cases? Unlike competitive high-resolution printing systems, PZ Pilot Plus’ printhead technology is not susceptible to vibration and will not easily lose its prime. In addition, PZ Pilot Plus’ compact printheads don’t require a lot of space in crowded package printing environments. You can be confident that PZ Pilot Plus’ rugged design will withstand the most abusive industrial environments.

Affordable Ink Jet Printing

If you have wanted to start printing logos or highresolution bar codes on your products, but felt your budget restricted you from doing so, the PZ Pilot Plus offers a new level of economy. PZ Pilot Plus allows users to eliminate the need for pre-printed cases or expensive labeling equipment by printing specific product information directly onto the substrate. In addition, PZ Pilot Plus utilizes ink manufactured directly by Squid Ink, eliminating the costs caused by multiple layers of distribution. Any way you look at it, Squid Ink’s PZ Pilot Plus provides users with an affordable solution to meet their ink jet printing needs.

PZ Pilot Plus Printing System Components

» Controller system with detachable ink reservoir
» 128 or 256 printhead with data cable and ink line
» Photocell product sensor and photocell mounting bracket
» Industrial-strength handheld input device



Printed Samples


PZ Pilot Plus Printing System Specifications

Print Technology - Third generation piezo impulse printhead technology with porous and non-porous ink capability

Print Speed - Up to 200 feet/minute (61m/minute) line speed at 200 dpi resolution with high-speed printheads

Vertical Print Resolution - 185 dpi capable of printing razorsharp graphics, small characters and scannable bar codes Horizontal Print Resolution - 200 dpi
Maximum Print Height - 1.4″ (3.6cm)
Clock - Real time with battery backup
Low Ink Indicator - LED indicates low ink supply; warning light beacon optional

User Interfaces - ID3 Handheld Terminal—standard user interface for local system programming, message storage and message retrieval; PC—optional interface utilizing ImageMaster® software for loading graphics, additional bar codes and additional fonts
Product Sensor - Reflective type standard; proximity, thru-beam or other type optional
Communication Interfaces - System includes three female DB-9 connectors for photocell, encoder, input device or other RS-232 device, one male DB-9 connector for laser scanner, auto data or alarm out feature, and one ethernet port for PC or network connection
Electrical Requirements - Universal input, 90 - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, less than 0.5 amp
Controller Dimensions - 10.6″ (26.9cm) L x 6.25″ (15.9cm) W x 2.5″ (6.4cm) H
Cabinet Construction - Anodized aluminum, splash-proof design features gasket seals and protected data connections
Operating Environment - 34°F (-1°C) to 120°F (50°C)
Substrate Capabilities - Porous and non-porous surfaces
Ink Capabilities - Several Squid Ink formulations available to meet your application needs for adhesion and dry time
Ink System - 500ml cartridge, mechanical purge bulb, simple ink system design features no moving parts
PZ Pilot Plus Software Specifications
Software Features - Counter, lot counter, 24-hour clock, 8-or 12- hour programmable shift code, Julian date, 3-letter month name, 3-letter weekday name, expiration date, expiration month, expiration day, expiration year, expiration Julian date, print delay, head speed, photocell on/off, invert print, reverse print, bold print,
programmable user data fields, extended expiration date (10-year offset)
Message Capability - Up to 8 lines of text per message with ID3 handheld terminal; up to 16 with ImageMaster PC software
Number of Messages - Up to 128 messages with ID3 handheld terminal; unlimited with ImageMaster PC software
Message Length - Up to 220 characters per message standard, up to 120 inches using ImageMaster software
Fonts - Three resident fonts standard (Arial®, Courier® and Lucida®); additional fonts can be loaded with ImageMaster software
Text Sizes - Nine resident font sizes ranging from .06″ (1.6mm) to 1.4″ (36mm) tall
Bar Codes - UPC-A and SCC-14 resident, additional bar codes can be downloaded with ImageMaster software
Logos - Logos can be downloaded with ImageMaster software
Ink Usage - Automatically calculated for each message
PZ Pilot Plus Optional Accessories
ImageMaster Software - For bar code and graphics capability; messages with bar codes and/or graphics can be recalled with ID3 handheld input device
Trigger - Two-wire trigger cable or photocell
Encoder - For operation with variable speed conveyors; required for printing bar codes
Bar Code Laser Scanner - Allows scan and print message retrieval
Conveyor Mounting Bracket - L-Bracket for complete system
Floor Stand - Includes mounting brackets and legs with levelling feet; 57″ (1.5m) total height
Low Ink Light Beacon - Beacon notifies users of low ink situation
Infrared Drying System - Facilitates quick drying on non-porous substrates
Pigmented Ink System - Bag ink delivery system for pigmented inks
Starter Kit - Includes ink, cleaner and flush solution, flush kit, printhead wipes, hand cleaner and latex gloves
Installation and Training - On-site installation and training available