batch coding machine

Handheld Ink-Jet Printer Reiner speed‐i‐Jet 798

Automatic Carton Batch Printing Machine

Handheld InkJet Printer Reiner speed‐i‐Jet 798 can print on any absorbent surface smooth or irregular. The latest portable inkjet printer technology is now available - Handheld InkJet Printer pen. Automatic numbering machine works using inkjet technology but operates like a pen, allowing a user to "write" on a surface with consecutive serial numbers, time-stamps, date-codes or just plain text. Batch, date & number Portable Inkjet Pen is capable of printing dates, times and serial numbers, automatically updating these codes after every consecutive print.


Also can be configured as a Batch Stamp... a) Custom Text and 6-Numbers or b) Date, Time, Text and 6-Numbers c) Date, Time 6-Numbers, etc., Endless Possibilities!!
PLUG and PLAY...Time and Date Stamp now and Custom Text and Numbering (forward or reverse counting) later.


NO LABELS NEEDED...With the Reiner Speed i Jet Date Stamp, say goodbye to the use of printed labels and the very time consuming process of applying those labels to your documents. 


LEFT-HAND or RIGHT-HAND USERS...configure text to be printed in the "correct" direction.


Printed Samples



» Lightweight - only 125g
» Pocket-sized, easy to carry and use
» Battery-operated - no cables during operation
» Prints up to 40 characters in one line
» Define the texts, date, time and/or numbering on your PC, and transfer your message via the USB cable
» Suits both left- or right-handed users
» Noiseless operation
» Easy to use - just press the red button as you slide the pen across the paper



silver grey


32 x 43 x 173 mm (B x D x H) Weight: 125 g

A complete package includes:

Ink-jet Pen, ink-jet cartridge, installation CD-ROM (Win 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7), USB cable and AA batteries