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Hot Ink Roll Coder / Online

Hot Ink Roll Coder

Hot Ink Roll Coder / Online Machine is use of automatic on-line contact coding machine for neat, sharp & registered print Batch Number, Date of Manufacturing, Expiry Date, Prices, best before dates, traceability codes, batch codes & other statutory information the with the help of the Characters with Aid of Brass Letters. The Print wheel equipped to Dry-Ink Coding Machine can be used for both R arrange and T arrange of characters.
In T arrange Solid-ink Coding Machine can print 1 to 10 characters in each line. In R arrange Solid-ink Coding Machine can print 1 to 8 characters in each line. It is sensor base machine so it takes one by one and prints at the accurate place. Automatic online Coding Machine can be install on Form-Fill-Seal machine (FFS Machine) of any continues roll moving system on paper and plastic film dry ink coding very high resolution, fast printing, fast dry can be select and strong impression. Lock-And-Follow Solid-Ink Coding Machine is complete solution for print coding and marking needs in the pharmaceutical industry, Food and grocery industry, Fresh Produce, Frozen Food, bakery products to print help with special dry ink cartridge for strong and permanent marking on most shiny surfaces, including shiny papers, most plastics. The words printed are clear and endurable against wear and tear. Printing speed is adjustable. Have feature of synchronous & precise printing.

Printed Samples



Voltage (V/Hz)

AC 220/50

Power (W)


Solid Ink Roller (mm)


Printing Speed (pieces/min)

≤250 or 12.5m/min

Max Width of Packing Film:


Max. Printing Line

T Arrange (10.5PT):11Lines (Max.10 characters/line)
R Arrange (10.5PT):8Lines (Max.8 characters/line)

Type Size (mm)

2×1.5(8PT) 2.5×2(9PT) 3×3(10.5PT) 4×2.5(18PT)

External Dimensions (L×W×H)(mm):


Net Weight (Kg):

15 kg