batch coding machine

Electro - Pneumatic Online Contact Coding Machine

Pneumatic coder and Hot Foil Coder (Online)

Pneumatic Coding Machine is use of automatic on-line contact coding machine for neat, sharp & registered print Batch Number, Date of Manufacturing, Expiry Date, Prices, best before dates, traceability codes, batch codes & other statutory information the help of grooved Rubber or Nylon flat Stereos. Online batch coder can be install on Form-Fill-Seal machine (FFS Machine) of any stop & go roll moving system to print help with special batch coding ink and Ink activator for reducer ink viscosity it stronger than permanent marker ink on most shiny surfaces, including shiny papers, most plastics.

Print Area:

35mm X 35mm

Output speed:

100 per minute


Air Supply:

2 kg/cm2 Air Consumption 10 CFM

Printed Samples


Prints Letters:

Easily Changeable grooved/flat rubber/nylon stereos.

Inking Medium:

Refillable ink cartridge.

Printing Media:

Quick Drying Ink (Black Red, Violet, Green)

Ink Consummation:

Approx 15000 impression / 20 ml depend upon printing matter.

Net Weight: