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Handheld Ink-Jet Printer Reiner jetStamp graphic 970


Handheld Ink‐Jet Printer Reiner jetStamp graphic 970 a further innovation in the field of industrial marking equipment. This practical Inkjet printer now permits printing automatic advancing numbering/dating barcode as well. All of this is also available with quick drying ink to permit printing on surfaces such as metal and plastic.

The jetStamp graphic 970 is a mobile hand-held inkjet printer that marks documents, packaging or products simply and quickly. In addition to number, date, time and text, this device can also print graphics and barcodes. With the MP ink, it is also possible to print on non-absorbent surfaces such as metal and plastic. The 970 is mobile, handy and easy to use and program.

The automatic advancing numbering and dating barcode. This makes it possible to supplement a barcode by date/time and number, which will change automatically during printing.

Print layouts can be designed on a PC using the specially developed software "PCset graphic". Numbers, dates, times, text, logos and barcodes can easily be placed at the required positions using drag and drop.

A total of four imprints made to individual requirements can be stored in the printer. Each imprint can be up to (W x H) 65 x 12.7 mm. Variable data such as consecutive number, time, date and consecutive barcode are automatically updated in the jetStamp graphic 970. Of course, the imprint can be changed any number of times. Then it is transferred to the jetStamp graphic 970 via a USB interface fast and simply. The software can be deployed on all standard Windows® operating systems.

Printed Samples

The 970 is mobile date printing machine, handy and easy to use and program. Batch number printing machine comes complete with its own software and weighs in at just over 450 Grams.

Mobile marking simpler than ever!


A Totally mobile Solution for Time Date Numbering, Barcodes and Graphics...uses such as; Parts Marking, Package Marking and validating in surgeries, pharmacies, and hospitals, marking dockets and packages in transit, quality control validation, laboratory timing and checking, production controls, delicate product marking, nightclub and meetings entry validation, etc.


» Number, date, time, text and graphics and barcodes
» Automatic advancing numbering and dating barcode
» Up to four different print images can be stored in the 970
» Print image can be created simply and quickly at the PC and transmitted via USB or Bluetooth
» Since the 970 is operated with rechargeable batteries, it can be taken to the goods to be marked quickly, easily and on the go
» Your choice of regular ink for paper or cardboard or our specially formulated MP ink for marking on non-absorbent surfaces such as metal and

» The MP ink dries quickly, is smear resistant and is great for marking consumer products such as food packaging and bottles
» Max. print area dimensions: (W x H) 65 mm (2 ½”) x 12.7 mm (½”)

A complete package includes:

Handheld Ink-Jet Printer Reiner jetStamp 790, Configuration Software on CD, USB Charger, Black Ink Jet Cartridge (your choice For Absorbent Surface or NonAbsorbent Surface), 4 Nos. AA Rechargeable Batteries, USB Data Transfer Cable, User Manual.