batch coding machine

Conveyor System (Manual feeding)

Automatic Carton Batch Printing Machine

Small Conveyor System for Ink Jet Printer /Conveyor belt System


1. An assistant device for inkjet printers,
2. Compact design, small size, easy to remove,
3. Imitate the production line, suitable for small‐scale production
4. The running speed is adjust to by the adjusting knob,
5. Use the mild steel support and rubber belt


Standard model:
M.S. Fabricated Body,
Size (W) 300mm X (L) 1000mm,
Both Sides Adjustable Support Channel
With Easily Adjust the Speed on Regulator


1. food beverage
2. pharmaceuticals electron
3. tobacco chemical industry
4. automobile part
Using objects:
1.  glass bottle 2. Plastic bottle
3. metal container 4. plastic bags
5. carton 6. label


Speed: 28m/s
Motor: Speed control
Power: 60W
Power Supply: 220V
Speed regulation: Step less speed regulation
Belt width: 300mm
Conveyor Size: 1000*400*750mm
Packing: 1PC/carton
Packing size: 1020 X 530 X 280mm
Net Wt.: 35 kg
Gross Wt.: 38 kg