Coding Machine

Handheld Ink‐Jet Printer Reiner jetStamp 790

Handheld Ink-Jet Printer

Using this simple handheld unit for batch expiry date coding machine, you can achieve manual marking of your bottles as a bottle date printing machine, jars, sachets, boxes .... the list is practically endless! Prints quickly and quietly on all even and uneven areas, mobile or stationary. With the MP series of the jetStamp, special surfaces such as metal and plastic can also be printed. It can suitable for print egg marking systems. Date stamp for egg marking have egg grade ink also.


A Totally mobile Solution for Time Date Stamp Product Marking and Imprinting...such as; Checking and validating in surgeries, pharmacies, and hospitals, marking dockets and packages in transit, quality control validation, laboratory timing and checking, production controls, delicate product marking, nightclub and meetings entry validation, etc.



Features :

» Batch, date & number Jet Stamp can print text, number, auto-date, auto-time and serial-number in a one or two-line configuration.
» Adjustable character widths max. 20 characters per line max. print width 42 mm
» Simple menu selections with the user friendly LCD-display
» Different messages stored in the stamp memory
» Custom texts or special functions can be stored
» Quickly adaptable to the changing demands of workplace organisation



Printed Samples

How does the Hand Held inkjet work?

1. Create your message on a computer and download it to the hand held stamp.
2. Position the handheld stamp and press the trigger in the handle

The mark is printed, with serial numbers incremented, times and dates updated.

A complete package includes:

Handheld Ink - Jet Printer Reiner jetStamp 790 (with Quick-Dry Ink Firmware), Charging Docking Station, Black Quick-Dry Ink Jet Cartridge (your choice For Absorbent Surface or Non‐Absorbent Surface), USB Cable, 4 Nos. Rechargeable batteries, Special software on CD, User Manual.